Trent Hills Health Centre

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What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is not only an excellent tool to promote relaxation. It also plays a crucial role in the rehabilitation process and in the treatment of chronic pain and common injuries. Massage therapy is a hands-on, drug-free approach
to improve function and decrease pain. It also affects the whole body through stress reduction and increased circulation.


What Should I Expect From My First Session?

You will be asked to fill in a health history form upon arrival.


The therapist will speak with you to determine the right kind
of massage techniques for you and your conditions.


In the treatment room, the therapist will conduct a physical examination, focused on your main complaints.


When it is time for your treatment, the therapist will explain
how to get onto the table. You can remove whatever articles
of clothing you are comfortable with.


The lotion should not stain your clothing.





During the massage your therapist will regularly check in with you on the pressure and your level
of comfort. If you are ever uncomfortable, please speak up.


Why Choose Massage Therapy?

Some conditions that may benefit from Massage Therapy include:

 • muscle strains or spasm

 • joint sprains

 • whiplash

 • edema/swelling

 • tendinitis/bursitis

 • headaches

 • sports injuries

 • osteoarthritis

 • fibromyalgia

 • respiratory problems